World Kangdukwon Federation

  • Kangdukwon in Portugal

    Kangdukwon in Portugal

    The story of taekwondo in Portugal resembles that of the art in many other countries around the world. Taekwondo’s great popularity has worked both to its advantage and to its disadvantage. It attracts people of all kinds — but not always for the best of reasons.

  • Who (or what) is a Great Peng?

    Who (or what) is a Great Peng?

    “The purpose of Taekwondo is to turn ordinary people into extraordinary people.”

  • Kangdukwon Moo Do in West Africa

    Kangdukwon Moo Do in West Africa

    Master Kiệt trained with Grand Master Chau Nguyen Kim from 1973-75. In 1995, he was invited to teach taekwondo and judo at the National Police Training Center in Burkina Faso.

  • Invictus


    The poem that inspired Nelson Mandela, ‘Invictus’ Read by Morgan Freeman

  • In Memoriam

    In Memoriam

    Three of Kangdukwon Taekwondo’s strongest advocates in the United States have recently passed away.

  • Pakistan Kangdukwon News

    Pakistan Kangdukwon News

    Kangdukwon Grand Master Saleem Jehangir conducted a boot camp workshop for Pakistani black belts. Pakistan Kangdukwon Federation continues its journey of establishing Kangdukwon in Pakistan by adding clubs steadily.

  • R.I.P. Dr. Dennis R. Burke

    Kangdukwon Taekwondo has lost a stalwart friend in the late Dr. Dennis Burke. “We have lost a wonderful cosmopolitan and friend,” says Master Chong.

  • “I have given you a compass. Now use it!”

    “I have given you a compass. Now use it!”

     Hwa Chong, the Kwan Jang Nim of Kangdukwon Taekwondo, continues to urge Taekwondo students of all ages and levels to grow and evolve both as martial artists and as human beings. Taekwondo training and principles, he says, should be understood and applied at all levels and all periods of our lives, otherwise we fail to live…

  • Kangdukwon Moo Do in Vietnam

    Kangdukwon Moo Do in Vietnam

    Kangdukwon Taekwondo took root in Vietnam and today boasts several schools with hundreds of students, mostly in Ho Chi Minh City but also with many branches abroad.

  • WKF-Kangdukwon Moo Do Accord

    WKF-Kangdukwon Moo Do Accord

    Following five years of deliberations, discussions and negotiations, the World Kangdukwon Federation has agreed to recognize Ahn Gun Soon’s senior Vietnamese student Nguyen Chau and his most dedicated senior students as peers and equals of Kangdukwon students of WKF Chonggae and President Hwa Chong.

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