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  • Book by Park Chul-hee 1957

    Book by Park Chul-hee 1957

    Pasa Kwon Beop (Gongsu Kwon Beop Gyojeon) / Park Cheol-hee (Director Kang Deok-won and YMCA Kwon Beop-bu training) / Kang Deok-won Sadohoe Joo Un-suk / 1957 / 152p / 22cm

  • The Jim Young Photo Collection

    The Jim Young Photo Collection

    Tang Su Do and Taekwondo in 1960s Michigan U-M TKD Club founder Jim Young’s archival collection of martial arts photos

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    Archives of the World Kang Duk Won Federation Hwa Chong: Success through Discipline, Agility and Innovation Kangdukwon and the Future of the Middle East WKF salutes Vietnam’s Grand Master Nguyin Kim Chau World Records topple to Thyroid Cancer Campaign Advocate Saleem Jehangir: “Taekwondo has spread like wildfire in Pakistan” Who is a Do-Ban? Video: GM Chi…

  • Introducing Kangdukwon

    Introducing Kangdukwon

    In the annals of Taekwondo, among the original nine schools or kwans, Kang Duk Won (‘The House of Radiating Virtue’) is most associated with the Power of Virtue as the ultimate source of Peace, Justice, Balance, Prosperity and Happiness. Today the world is sorely in need of all these, starting with Peace. Illustrious Kang Duk…