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Introducing Kangdukwon

Kangdukwon Kwan Jang Hwa Chong

In the annals of Taekwondo, among the original nine schools or kwans, Kang Duk Won (‘The House of Radiating Virtue’) is most associated with the Power of Virtue as the ultimate source of Peace, Justice, Balance, Prosperity and Happiness.

Today the world is sorely in need of all these, starting with Peace. Illustrious Kang Duk Won grand masters have demonstrated that enormous potential resides within us — potential that we can access at deeper and deeper levels as the principles of Taekwondo find application in daily life.

In recognition of this urgent need to revive these values of Kang Duk Won, the first act of Great Grandmaster Hwa Chong as newly appointed Kwan Jang or world head of Kang Duk Won, was to establish the World Kang Duk Won Federation with a mandate to propagate Kangdukwon standards, principles and techniques globally.

The first issue of Kang Duk Won, the official newsletter of the World Kang Duk Won Federation, is dedicated to the vision of Great Grandmaster Hwa Chong and his life long quest to unite Taekwondo theory with action. It is published both in Korean language to acknowledge Taekwondo’s roots in Korean culture and in English to reflect Taekwondo’s diverse adaptations to worldwide popularity, further underscoring our objective of realizing
the Unity of Theory and Action.