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“Taekwondo has spread like wildfire in Pakistan”

by Patrick Harriganon January 31, 2021
Saleem Jehangir reports from Karachi [Karachi, 23 January 2021] Since 1971 when I started introducing Taekwondo in Pakistan, it has spread throughout the country. There is no city, village, or community left in this nation of 230 million people where Taekwondo is not being taught. Today one can see Taekwondo taught in schools, clubs, colleges, universities, […]

Who is a Do-Ban?

by Patrick Harriganon January 31, 2021
Hwa Chong on spiritual friendship Everyone needs trusted companions who can accompany one through life as lifelong friends. In Korean language there is a term for such friends. They are Do-bans, literally ‘Tao companions’. We must pursue the truths of life by awakening spiritually. That is the ultimate aim of Taekwondo. Today Olympic sports are pursued […]

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Archival Posts

by Patrick Harriganon January 12, 2021
Archives of the World Kang Duk Won Federation Hwa Chong: Success through Discipline, Agility and Innovation Kangdukwon and the Future of the Middle East WKF salutes Vietnam’s Grand Master Nguyin Kim Chau World Records topple to Thyroid Cancer Campaign Advocate Saleem Jehangir: “Taekwondo has spread like wildfire in Pakistan” Who is a Do-Ban? Video: GM Chi […]