Month: January 2021

“Taekwondo has spread like wildfire in Pakistan”

Saleem Jehangir reports from Karachi

Saleem Jehangir 1 March 2018
Saleem Jehangir 1 March 2018

[Karachi, 23 January 2021] Since 1971 when I started introducing Taekwondo in Pakistan, it has spread throughout the country. There is no city, village, or community left in this nation of 230 million people where Taekwondo is not being taught.

Today one can see Taekwondo taught in schools, clubs, colleges, universities, centers, parks, public grounds, in the armed forces and by the police. Every member of the armed forces is required to go through the training of Taekwondo. In every province police departments are doing the same.

In some schools in Pakistan, every student is required to take Taekwondo as a physical education class. Taekwondo has become the second most popular sport in the country after cricket, with teams participating in international competitions.

Grand Master Saleem Jehangir at a 2018 training camp in Multan, Pakistan

Taekwondo today is a household world in the country. Parents proudly talk about their children learning Taekwondo. Even villagers teach it using Korean terminology! Taekwondo has spread like wildfire, uncontrolled and uncontrollable.

In recent years two clubs have joined the Pakistan Kang Duk Won Federation, namely, Mir Martial Arts Academy and Markaz Martial Arts Club, both in Karachi.

by Grand Master Saleem Jehangir
President, Pakistan Kang Duk Won Federation
WKF Vice President and Member, WKF Board of Governors

Who is a Do-Ban?

Hwa Chong on spiritual friendship

Everyone needs trusted companions who can accompany one through life as lifelong friends.

In Korean language there is a term for such friends. They are Do-bans, literally ‘Tao companions’.

We must pursue the truths of life by awakening spiritually. That is the ultimate aim of Taekwondo.

Today Olympic sports are pursued for just one purpose: to win. In this single-minded quest to win, however, we forget the greater pursuit of spiritual awakening.

I regard this as the purpose of Kang Duk Won, our ‘Lecture Virtue House’ of Taekwondo.

Collective agreement and collective action is the essence of United States’ social, industrial, and technological achievements.

We have to unite therefore, so small groups (like states) become bigger and stronger (like the United States).

We need a spiritual renaissance. This is the first step to a greater new world.

-Hwa Chong

Who is a Do-Ban?

Do-Ban is a Korean term that one seldom hears in the dojang. It means a friend (ban) in the Way (Tao or Do), in other words, a Dharma friend or in plain English a spiritual friend. 

In Taekwondo we learn through our teachers and through hard training that there are higher aims in life than having a great weekend or having a successful career. Especially in Kang Duk Won Taekwondo, we learn values like honor, loyalty, and generosity, not so much from lectures or discussions as from direct experience, especially by the example of our friends and teachers. We learn that there are certain intangibles, like friendships, that have no price.

A hundred people may all train together in the same dojang, and eventually all of them may become friends. However, not all will become do-bans. In fact, it is rare to find two do-bans in the same dojang or indeed anywhere, for this special type of friendship is quite rare. 

On the surface, Taekwondo seems to be all about fighting, about becoming capable, even fearsome, fighters. But look deeper and you discover that it is about finding and developing something intangible called spirit.

[From conversations with GGM Hwa Chong]


Archives of the World Kang Duk Won Federation

Three classic Kang Duk Won pumsaes demonstrated by Dr. Seung-Won Chi, Director of the Taekwondo Kang Duk Won Hong-je Dojang, Seoul, Korea on November 7th 2015: (1) Balse; (2) Jang Kwon; and (3) Pal Gi Kwon.

Introducing Kangdukwon

Kangdukwon Kwan Jang Hwa Chong

In the annals of Taekwondo, among the original nine schools or kwans, Kang Duk Won (‘The House of Radiating Virtue’) is most associated with the Power of Virtue as the ultimate source of Peace, Justice, Balance, Prosperity and Happiness.

Today the world is sorely in need of all these, starting with Peace. Illustrious Kang Duk Won grand masters have demonstrated that enormous potential resides within us — potential that we can access at deeper and deeper levels as the principles of Taekwondo find application in daily life.

In recognition of this urgent need to revive these values of Kang Duk Won, the first act of Great Grandmaster Hwa Chong as newly appointed Kwan Jang or world head of Kang Duk Won, was to establish the World Kang Duk Won Federation with a mandate to propagate Kangdukwon standards, principles and techniques globally.

The first issue of Kang Duk Won, the official newsletter of the World Kang Duk Won Federation, is dedicated to the vision of Great Grandmaster Hwa Chong and his life long quest to unite Taekwondo theory with action. It is published both in Korean language to acknowledge Taekwondo’s roots in Korean culture and in English to reflect Taekwondo’s diverse adaptations to worldwide popularity, further underscoring our objective of realizing
the Unity of Theory and Action.