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“Taekwondo has spread like wildfire in Pakistan”

Saleem Jehangir reports from Karachi

Saleem Jehangir 1 March 2018
Saleem Jehangir 1 March 2018

[Karachi, 23 January 2021] Since 1971 when I started introducing Taekwondo in Pakistan, it has spread throughout the country. There is no city, village, or community left in this nation of 230 million people where Taekwondo is not being taught.

Today one can see Taekwondo taught in schools, clubs, colleges, universities, centers, parks, public grounds, in the armed forces and by the police. Every member of the armed forces is required to go through the training of Taekwondo. In every province police departments are doing the same.

In some schools in Pakistan, every student is required to take Taekwondo as a physical education class. Taekwondo has become the second most popular sport in the country after cricket, with teams participating in international competitions.

Grand Master Saleem Jehangir at a 2018 training camp in Multan, Pakistan

Taekwondo today is a household world in the country. Parents proudly talk about their children learning Taekwondo. Even villagers teach it using Korean terminology! Taekwondo has spread like wildfire, uncontrolled and uncontrollable.

In recent years two clubs have joined the Pakistan Kang Duk Won Federation, namely, Mir Martial Arts Academy and Markaz Martial Arts Club, both in Karachi.

by Grand Master Saleem Jehangir
President, Pakistan Kang Duk Won Federation
WKF Vice President and Member, WKF Board of Governors





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  1. Mir Masarat Hussain Avatar
    Mir Masarat Hussain

    Mr Saleem Jehangir was the pioneer of
    Tae Kwon Do in Pakistan going back to 1971. I was very lucky to be in the first batch of many other devoted colleague of
    mine. His philosophy of commitment, patience ,discipline and devotion were
    some of the key features of his training.
    He was able to train many devoted and
    strong students who were able to continue Pakistan after he left for United States. He continues to Vist Pakistan from time to time and is still recognize and respected as a Grand Master from various styles of Karate
    schools .