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Kangdukwon Moo Do in Vietnam

by Patrick Harriganon July 23, 2021
Kangdukwon Taekwondo took root in Vietnam and today boasts several schools with hundreds of students, mostly in Ho Chi Minh City but also with many branches abroad.
Kangdukwon Moo Do seal

WKF-Kangdukwon Moo Do Accord

by Patrick Harriganon July 22, 2021
Following five years of deliberations, discussions and negotiations, the World Kangdukwon Federation has agreed to recognize Ahn Gun Soon's senior Vietnamese student Nguyen Chau and his most dedicated senior students as peers and equals of Kangdukwon students of WKF Chonggae and President Hwa Chong.

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Kang Duk Won Moo Do’s Global Success

by Patrick Harriganon July 15, 2021
[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam] After training for decades with scant recognition, Grand Master Nguyen Kim Chau of Vietnam together with all forms of Kang Duk Won Moo Do are at last receiving a warm welcome into the World Kangdukwon Federation community.
Grand Master Nguyen Kim Châu seen addressing the North America General Confederation of Kang Duk Won Moo Do in 2015

WKF recognizes, salutes Kangdukwon in Vietnam

by Patrick Harriganon February 2, 2021
Nguyen Kim Chau, untiring advocate of Kangdukwon Taekwondo in Vietnam since 1966, recognized as 9th Dan Grand Master