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WKF-Kangdukwon Moo Do Accord

Following five years of deliberations, discussions and negotiations, the World Kangdukwon Federation has agreed to recognize Grand Master Ahn Gun Soon‘s senior Vietnamese student Nguyen Kim Chau and his most dedicated senior students as peers and equals of Kangdukwon students of WKF Chonggae and President Hwa Chong. It is worth noting that both Grand Masters Ahn Gun Soon and Hwa Chong had themselves learned Kangdukwon Taekwondo in the same dojang at Kwangju High School directly from the co-founders of Kangdukwon.

As such, we are recognizing not only our common Kangdukwon heritage, but also the adversities and challenges that our Vietnamese brethren have faced ever since the 1960s. More details are found in the WKF’s letter of certification of 16 April 2021 that reads as follows:

World Kangdukwon Federation
34004 Edmonton Avenue
Farmington, Michigan 48335 USA
16 April 2021

Nguyen Kim Chau, President
World Master Kangdukwon Moo Do Academy
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dear Sir,

Official Letter of Certification

Thank you for your letter of application dated 2021.02.08 and sorry for any delay in processing. 

On the authority of the founders of Kang Duk Won Taekwondo, I am pleased to inform you that the World Kangdukwon Federation hereby recognizes and grants full membership to you and your association. Our ruling is as follows: 

  1. The current ranks of Nguyen Kim Chau (9th dan) and senior most students are hereby recognized.
  2. The World Master Kang Duk Won Moo Do Academy is hereby recognized together with its affiliated dojangs as a certified member organization of the WKF world body.
  3. The WKF hereby waives all fees and authorizes you to fix, collect and spend promotion fees of your students and dojangs to promote Kangdukwon Taekwondo in Vietnam and worldwide.
  4. You along with your appointed representatives are hereby invited to serve in WKF technical and administrative capacities. 
  5. World KDW Federation certificates shall be designed and printed in the USA under GM Han-won Lee. However, you are authorized to print official WKF certificates up to 7th dan bearing the likeness of my signature as Chonggae and President. All certificates for 8th dan and higher will be personally approved and signed by me.
  6. The effective date for all of the above shall be 1 February 2021.

I welcome you and your students to our world body and look forward to more great achievements.


Hwa Chong
Chonggae and President
World Kangdukwon Federation
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