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The North Star Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to senior martial artists who have studied, practiced and applied Kangdukwon Taekwondo for decades and contributed significantly to its evolution and growth. The award is named after the North Star or Polaris, which stands for firmness, fidelity and unwavering dedication, with the North Star remaining fixed in the sky day and night while all other stars appear to revolve around it. As such, it has long been an essential navigation tool, just as Kangdukwon principles may also serve as a compass or North Star in navigating one’s course of life.


  • Age 70 or over
  • May or may not still be actively training
  • Follows and serves Kangdukwon taekwondo lineage and values
  • Cosmopolitan outlook and attitude
  • Exemplifies Kangdukwon values both in and out of the dojang
  • Decades of perseverance and devotion to Kangdukwon values
  • Strives to achieve the impossible 
  • Teaches and inspires younger generations with Kangdukwon values

Candidates for this award are distinguished by the manner in which they have consistently applied Kangdukwon teachings in the course of their lifetime. They are committed martial artists who over the course of decades have learned to apply Taekwondo theory to pursue lofty goals that benefit humanity. A North Star Society member embodies Kangdukwon Taekwondo’s cosmopolitan ideals in such a way that actively serves the cause of humanity and human dignity. 

The ultimate goal of Taekwondo is to reach the greatest ‘Impossible Dream’ of all: eternal life. Constantly polishing their spirit, they go as far as humanly possible in one lifetime to achieve what had previously been considered to be impossible. 

The North Star Society Lifetime Achievement Award honors the life-long dedication of such martial artists and celebrates their achievements as role models who inspire others and instill genuine Kangdukwon ideals in younger generations. The award also serves as an inspiration to younger martial artists, reminding them of the importance of dedication, commitment, and an unwavering lifelong focus on worthy purposes in life that may transcend the sphere of martial sports.