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Kangdukwon in Pakistan

by Patrick Harriganon July 14, 2021
Mir Martial Arts Academy has opened its first club in Karachi, at Boat Basin in Clifton. The club’s current membership count has exceeded twenty. The Markaz Martial Arts Club has opened another branch in Defence Housing Society, Karachi. In addition to TKD, this club also has Mixed Martial Arts in it. Courtesy: Grand Master Saleem […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: Taekwondo, Black Holes and Finnegans Wake

by Patrick Harriganon June 17, 2021
Fifty-some years ago, I encountered Taekwondo. Little did I know that it would propel me on a life long journey that grows more amazing with each passing day.

“Taekwondo has spread like wildfire in Pakistan”

by Patrick Harriganon January 31, 2021
Saleem Jehangir reports from Karachi [Karachi, 23 January 2021] Since 1971 when I started introducing Taekwondo in Pakistan, it has spread throughout the country. There is no city, village, or community left in this nation of 230 million people where Taekwondo is not being taught. Today one can see Taekwondo taught in schools, clubs, colleges, universities, […]